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Get up to 5% credit & win exclusive prizes!  Use the app to redeem credits at any Trio® business.  Share with your friends and you both get paid!

Why Use Trio®?

Real Money

Each purchase earns you 1.5%, 3% or 5% credit deposited into your Trio® account.

One App

Use Trio credits earned at one business to make purchases at any of the other Trio® businesses.

Earn With Friends

Share the app with friends and you both get up to 5% credit when your friends use Trio®.

Win Prizes & Giveaways

Every purchase makes you eligible for monthly giveaways and other prizes.

Support Shopping Local

Trio® works exclusively to support locally owned businesses in the community and excludes big-box retailers. Join the movement!

How Does Trio Work?


Find & recommend
local businesses.


Get ongoing rewards for sharing
your favorite places.


Link your credit card
and pay with your phone (optional).


Share With Friends. Earn When They Shop.

Join the only rewards program that pays you for sharing with your friends.

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Rewards For You, Your Friends and the Community.

With Trio Rewards, earn 1.5%, 3%, or 5% every time.