Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Trio App?

Trio® is a free app that earns you up to 5% credit for purchases at local businesses. Use Trio credits earned at one business to make real purchases at any of the other Trio businesses. Each time you use Trio you also are entered to win additional exclusive offers, prizes, and giveaways at local businesses. Share Trio with others and you both will earn up to 5% credit when your friend makes a purchase.

How much does Trio cost?

There are no costs for you to join or use the program. All of the rewards come from the Trio businesses as they are happy to reward you for your loyalty and for sharing the app with your friends.

Where can I use Trio?

Trio is a community of restaurants, dry cleaners, neighborhood taverns, health nutrition supplements stores, hair stylists, martial arts centers, home cleaners, dentists, health and beauty, clothing boutiques, and many more. This program is designed to promote small and medium sized business. We do not allow big box stores or retail chain stores to participate.

To find participating Trio businesses within the app, you can click the red “Find” button on the home page within the app. You can also go to online. You will see a listing of businesses near you based on your location. You can change location or enter a name, category or city in the top field to refine your results. By clicking the grid button on the top right, you can see which business categories are available. If you are at a physical location, look for the black Trio sticker on the front window of the business. If you know of a non-Trio business that could benefit by being part of Trio, you can nominate them (see below).

How do I earn Trio credits?

Each purchase at a Trio business earns you 1.5%, 3%, or 5% credit deposited into your Trio account. You can see which businesses offer 1.5%, 3% or 5% by using the red “find” feature in the app or on our website.  You get credit by using the blue “receipt” button within the app to scan your sales receipt.  When you want to redeem your credit to pay your bill, use the blue “pay” button in the app and present your phone to the business to scan your phone.  You must have the full amount of Trio credit in your account to pay your bill (and leave a tip when desired).  For convenience, you can link your credit card to the app with the green “+” sign to add money to your Trio account in $10 increments.

How do I redeem Trio credits?

Trio is one rewards app for many businesses allowing you to use credits earned at one Trio business at any of the others! Each time that you (or the friends who you enrolled) make a purchase with Trio your Trio credit balance will increase. When you have enough Trio credit to make a purchase, you use the blue “pay” button in the app. An employee will scan the code on your phone to confirm that you have enough funds to pay the bill. You must have enough Trio credit to pay the entire bill (no split bills are accepted). You can always link your credit card by hitting the green “+” sign by your balance and then add increments of $10 in Trio credit if you do not have enough funds.

How do I get paid with my friends?

You are encouraged to share Trio with your friends because the when your friend makes purchases at Trio businesses you will both earn up to 5% on each of your friends purchases. You share the app through the green “Share” button on the main app dashboard. Just send the app through text or email and when they sign up and use Trio you both get paid.

How do I refer a business to join Trio?

We take your recommendations seriously. If your favorite businesses are not part of Trio you can nominate them by clicking the red “Find” button on the home page within the app. Use the “Nominate” tab in the lower right hand corner of the page. There you can find and choose local businesses that you can nominate into Trio.